Ashlynn spent almost all of December in Vienna filming a horror short entitled        " Soldiers Keeper " ... Look for it in film festivals in 2018! 



Ashlynn can be seen with a few creepy sales guys and haphazardly moving a couch in her second spot for this year! 


Ashlynn can be see looking very Witchy while lighting up her house for Halloween in a new commercial for Points of Light. 

The Wrong Neighbor / Lifetime Movie 

Ashlynn stars as "Jamie", a deranged woman who stalks a father and daughter in the new Lifetime Movie "The Wrong Neighbor". 

Virgin Mobile Inner Circle 

Catch Ashlynn as the jet-setter "Lola" in a new commercial for Virgin Mobile. 


Febreze Ad 

You might see a friendly face walking around in a new Ad for Febreze Home Air Freshener. 

Level 5 Abbey 

Ashlynn did a little hand modeling job in the latest spot for Japanese video game        " Layton's Mystery Journey" and her co-star is the cuddliest little hamster. 


You can spot Ashlynn looking very hip as she strolls around the LA Fairfax Flea Market in an Ad for PayPal. 

The Thing in the Apt 2

Ashlynn stars in the new short for CryptTV. The Thing in the Apt 2. It's scarrryyy. ENJOY! 


Ashlynn shot her first skincare Ad with the wonderful and talented Dr. Murad.

Be on the lookout for Ashlynn in a very funny spot for 


Ashlynn can be seen looking very distressed because her battery died in a print Ad for Mophie.  Photographer Ryan Schude.