Last week was by far the busiest week I have had in ... well ... ever. I have had weeks even months of shooting on films and tv shows that were grueling but this was different because it was a different job everyday for a week straight. Everyday was a new adventure with a different director, cinematographer, producer, talent etc etc and I loved every second of it! It was on my shoot for Murad Skincare that really left an impression on my heart and mind. See, I was EXHAUSTED heading to set that morning. I was coming off a night shoot for a short film where I was emotionally stretched as an actor for hours plus I had special effects makeup applied half way through the shoot and was covered in fake blood till 3am. I then had to drive home, scrub and buff and try to get in a few winks before heading off to another set 4 hours later to a job that had me outside ALL day in 90 degree heat. The following day when I got to the Murad Headquarters it was like I had walked into an oasis. I was very very grateful that morning. I shot with Dr. Murad first and then did product shots where I was laughing and applying creams and elixirs to my skin which is a lot more technical then it sounds. I then ended the day shooting with one of the leading skin estheticians in the world who gave me the most relaxing facial massage EVER. Basically, I was shooting in a spa like heaven getting treatments and creams applied to my skin all day. Not a bad gig. If you don't know anything about Dr. Murad  I highly suggest googling him. He is a pioneer in the skincare and beauty world. A true artist and innovator and all around wonderful human. When I arrived he was already shooting. After I went through hair and makeup I was then escorted to set where he was waiting to shoot the rest of the day with me. We laughed, chatted about the podcast I had listened to earlier in the year where he was the guest, and then he gave me a bunch of products. ( Like I said he is a gem! ) We then broke for lunch and he made sure every person who was there for the shoot got their lunch first and had started eating and then he sat down to eat with us. Half way through the meal he was up and about walking around with a tin of gourmet baklava and serving everyone a piece. After lunch was finished I was making myself a cup of tea to enjoy with the triangle of baklava before heading back to hair and makeup and I looked to my left and there was a huge glass window. Behind that window was a class room of seniors from a local highschool learning about skincare and who was at the front of the room, you guessed it, Dr. Murad. He then gave the students a 25 minute lecture and came back to set on time, with a new shirt and tie on, ready to finish filming. It was truly inspiring. I also need to mention his paintings. Everywhere around the office are these amazing paintings by Dr. Murad himself. He had retina problems and had to have eye surgery years ago and part of his healing process required him to keep his eyes downcast for long periods of time. His wife bought him art supplies to keep him focused and his eyes down and thought crafts would be fun for him. What he paints are nothing short of masterpieces. The most bright, vibrant, abstract paintings, very Dr. Murad. 

I was truly touched by that shoot. Here is a man who built a company on his drive and desire to heal people with skin/health issues and he now has one of the most successful skincare companies in the world. He didn't let his retina issue hold him back but instead created masterpieces from a very bleak situation. He can multi-task like no one else and while doing so does not forget to treat the people around him like gold. He is also 78 years old. Amazing. 

I left that shoot not only insanely relaxed from Anita's face massage but inspired to be a bit more like Dr. Murad. Be a pioneer, take care of the people around you. Remember that sharing your talents and gifts is definitely a key to creating happiness and when life throws you a curve ball toss some paint on it and who knows, you may just create a masterpiece. xoxo