Name the movie? Ahhh, yes.. Steel Magnolias. This film has my heart for many many reasons, one of them being when Shelby (Julia Roberts) delivers the Oh, so famous lines to her mama, M'lynn ( Sally Fields) "My colors are Blush and Bashful ... I like Pink. Pink is my signature color. " I have always liked pink but it was a few years ago that I started to REALLY fall in love with pink. Most people tend to think pink is a girlie color but I will let you know both my Dad and boyfriend rock pink shirts of all shades and it couldn't be more masculine. Why all this pink talk you ask ... Well, I have been really inspired to talk about finding YOUR signature color. I told myself I was going to write this blog entry and it's funny how life syncs up with what you want to do. Today on my daily hike I popped in my earbuds and tuned into my favorite podcast, That's So Retrograde, and the guest speaker was a fashion stylist/shaman/ intuitive and all around bad ass lady, Colleen McCann. Colleen was talking about clearing the energy from your closet and part of the clearing process was about finding your signature color!! My alarm bells were going off and I literally started jumping up and down with joy. ( In my hot pink tennis shoes of course!) I couldn't wait to get home and type this up. So, you have probably been told you look SO great in a certain color your whole life and you wear that color ... a lot.  Maybe you don't really even like it but you wear it because you think it's great based on what other people have said. I say throw out that idea and get in tune with YOUR color. Example: In my life people always tell me I look GREAT in green and red. Now don't get me wrong, I love both colors and do I feel good when I wear them? Sure, but not AS good as when I am in that perfect shade of pink that I have fallen in love with. I found that a few years ago I was being drawn to all shades of pinky hues. It actually all started with my boyfriend buying me a pink Swingline stapler for my desk so I would stop stealing his. ( Side note: I totally still use his ... mine is just to pretty to use. ) Fast forward and now both of my bathrooms are pink, one has 70's pink tile and the other I painted the most beautiful shade of light petal pink, I then bought two matching vintage cream & coral arm chairs for my living room and now I have a rose colored car  named, you guessed it, Pinky. Talk about manifesting color into your life. I am a big big believer in color therapy. I also do this in my acting life. When I am working on a new character I pick out my characters clothes ... I literally go shopping as my character and pick out clothes with colors that represent them. If you have seen some of my work you will notice what I am talking about. For instance in Submission, when I was creating Ashley she was really drawn to blues and grays and you see that throughout the series and in my newest film for Lifetime my character Jamie was really drawn to reds/oranges and leopard ( I know! Leopard?! Trust me. It is puuuureft for her. Yes, the pun was intended! :) It's fun to figure out YOUR color and see how it changes you. It can invoke confidence and make you radiate. Point is, find YOUR color, think about how certain colors make you feel, really meditate on why you like it or dislike it. Try adding a bit of your signature color to your home, desk, car, wardrobe ... I am not saying you should wear YOUR color everyday but I have found that having it sprinkled around my life makes me feel just as good as when I am wearing it. See what happens when you buy that orange shower curtain or it can be as simple as buying a box of Kleenex for your car but this time go for the box that has the yellow damask print on it. See how YOUR color can change your mood and color your life happy. xoxo